Waterford Hotel Group: Your Partner in Hotel Management Success

From adept property management to savvy revenue optimization, we forge a close partnership with our clients. We gain a profound understanding of your goals and vision to collaborate on a tailored plan to successfully navigate your course. However, what truly sets us apart is our genuine passion for hospitality and our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients.


Our expertise has consistently resulted in stronger revenues, enhanced profitability, and robust return on investment for our clients. Additionally, we have had a remarkable impact on elevating guest satisfaction scores and earning prestigious awards.

Operational Excellence

The success of the property begins with a strong on-site leadership team, supported by corporate resources, and driven to meet the objectives of our key stakeholders. Our field teams benefit from frequent in-person property visits from the corporate operations team to build connections and enhance collaboration. We understand the importance of strong guest service scores, our property leadership teams know what success looks like and implement ongoing initiatives to exceed guest expectations.

A well thought out Food & Beverage program is crucial to the property’s success; impacting revenue, guest experience, and overall profitability. Our years of experience provides us with the versatility to optimize performance of branded Food & Beverage concepts, create unique experiences in independent restaurants, and successfully execute large-scale banquets and catering. A successful Food & Beverage concept can benefit the hotel’s performance overall by strengthening positioning in the market, enhancing ADR opportunity, creating operational efficiencies, and maximizing financial performance.

Revenue Performance

A balanced sales approach lies at the core of our strategy. We achieve this balance by emphasizing robust community relationships and utilizing contemporary tools and technologies to measure success and foster engagement. Our revenue management process is collaborative, leveraging the deep market knowledge of our property teams combined with the strategic expertise of our revenue managers. This approach allows us to maximize our financial impact.

Financial Management

Our comprehensive business intelligence platform empowers our teams with real-time data insights, enabling swift pivots and strategic modifications for optimal performance. Backed by a seasoned team, our centralized accounting system ensures timely, accurate, and customizable reporting packages. Beyond the day-to-day accounting functions, Waterford conducts a holistic assessment of your investment’s overall financial health. This includes leveraging the scale of our portfolio to offer a master insurance plan, yielding additional savings and bolstering profitability. Moreover, we proactively address real estate tax reassessment, implement energy-saving initiatives, and devise programs to reduce workers’ compensation claims liability, showcasing our commitment to maximizing value across various facets of your investment.

People and Talent

Like our approach to client relationships, Waterford is committed to building and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our associates. Continually evaluating our benefits offerings to ensure that we are aligned with the needs of our associates.

We implement competitive compensation structures to align owner’s objectives with property performance, incorporating stretch incentives to motivate teams in surpassing their performance goals.

We offer a comprehensive benefits program, fostering associate engagement and retention, featuring on-demand payroll for quick access to earned funds, critical illness insurance, and flexible health, vision, and dental insurance options tailored to the needs of our associates. Additionally, our 401k program contributes to securing a sound financial future.

By prioritizing the future, we ensure mutual benefits for both hotel owners and associates through leadership development programs that fortify retention efforts, prepare leaders for advancement, build a robust talent bench for seamless transitions, and serve as a platform for internal collaboration to share ideas and enhance best practices.

Capital Planning and Renovations

Waterford’s history is deeply rooted in hotel development and repositioning. We continue to build upon this legacy by providing this service to our partners. We provide our clients with confidence in the future capital expenditure needs of their properties through meticulous capital planning and execution. Our approach to collaborative renovations emphasizes enhancing the physical asset while minimizing disruptions to guest experience and displaced revenue. Continual reassessment of our physical products ensures that we consistently maintain a competitive edge in the market. Additionally, we leverage technology to track preventative maintenance projects, effectively preserving the physical asset and safeguarding our clients’ investments.

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