Our Hearts on our Sleeves

Community and hospitality philanthropy are at the core of Waterford Hotel Group, so it’s natural that our spirit of service grows from these core values.

Fundraising & Charities

We serve our communities, give back, and make a difference through a variety of fundraising projects, charitable works, and other actions. In 2006, we founded the Waterford Group Charitable Foundation, which to date has raised and donated over $1 million, primarily to organizations meaningful to our associates. In the last 5 years, we have supported over 500 organizations.


Through monetary and gift-in-kind donations, we continually search for worthy causes to further our communities. It’s not uncommon for our associates and staff to participate in fundraising events, or even sign up for voluntary payroll contributions. We value this opportunity to not only work out of communities, but to work alongside them. Non-profit organizations may access a donation request form and instructions here.

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